Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ticket to Ride Card

I was asked by my friend if I could design a Thank You card based on the very popular board game called "Ticket to Ride".  The only problem was I had not played the game before.  Fortunately the internet provides excellent images so I was able to browse several pictures of the game in progress and design my card accordingly.  I used beads to represent the train cars and I think they worked fairly well.  I sponged my map paper and tore the edges to have an "old" look.  I hope my friend is pleased.

This is a picture of an actual "Ticket to Ride" board game.

This is my interpretation of the board game into a Thank You card.

The inside of the card.


Paige said...

This turned out really cute, Bon! I know she'll love it :o)

Anonymous said...

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